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2019-08-22 01:52

Oldie but a goodie The best iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s cases The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 are still tops when it comes to 4inch phones from AppleMar 23, 2016 Speck, one of the leading iPhone case makers, is offering up several cases for the iPhone SE5S. Yes, there's the basic CandyShell (in multiple colors) along with tweaks to earlier cases, including the CandyShell Faceplate, which adds a protective screen shield to the front of your phone. best iphone 5 cover brands

We selected our top 10 case makers based on several important qualities, including: 1. A variety of styles, colors, and materials 2. A wide selection of choices for all the major smartphone brands 3. Highquality, durable materials for longterm protection 4. Good customer service and fair prices 5. Open access to all smartphone buttons and ports 6.

best iphone cover

To help narrow down your choices, these are the best iPhone 6S cases and covers you can buy. Using a newer device? Weve put together lists detailing the best iPhone 7 iPhone 5S Best Waterproof Case, Waterproof, Dust Proof, Snow Proof, Shock Proof Case with Touched Transparent Screen Protector, Heavy Duty Protective Carrying Cover Case for iPhone 5 5s(TBlue) by XCASEbest iphone 5 cover brands The iPhone case would not be necessary without the innovative invention of the iPhone. To fully understand the origins of the iPhone, we have to travel back to the Newton PDA or Newton MessagePad. It was created in 1993 as a digital assistant.

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