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2019-08-21 16:34

As of April 10, 2018, Google has deprecated GCM. The GCM server and client APIs are deprecated and will be removed as soon as April 11, 2019. Migrate GCM apps to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), which inherits the reliable and scalable GCM infrastructure, plus many new features. See the migration guide to learn more.To unsubscribe, the client app must call GCM PubSub unsubscribe() with the registration token and topic name. . Receive and handle topic messages. Topic messages are delivered the same way as other GCM messages. android gcm token length

Set up a GCM Client App on Android A Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) Android client is a client app that runs on an Android device. To write your client code, we recommend that you use the GoogleCloudMessaging API and Android Studio with Gradle.

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My testing suggests that your package name length has an effect on the token size. If you're running into some tokens coming in longer than you have space in your DB, changing to a shorter package name can relieve the issue in some cases. Since the format and length of a registration token may also vary. For the usual length and characters, you can refer to these two answers the latter being much more definitive: I hasn't seen any official information about format of GCM registrationId, but I've analyzed our database of such IDs and can make following conclusions:android gcm token length I'm new to all Android GCM push notifications and I have read stack posts but couldn't get a straight answer. I have also read Create push notification in android to get a better understanding of ho

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To verify that they can send and receive messages, client apps must register with GCM. In this process, the client obtains a unique registration token and passes it to the app server, which stores the token and sends an acknowledgement back to the client app. android gcm token length I am curious about android Gcm Token Expire strategy. When I want me device registered with Gcm service to be able to receive Gcm push messages, I will register it with the API. When I want me device registered with Gcm service to be able to receive Gcm push messages, I will register it with the API. Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a service that handles the sending, routing, and queueing of messages between server applications and mobile client apps. A client app is a GCMenabled app that runs on a device.