Mobile cb radio antenna grounding

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2019-08-21 16:35

For CB Antennas, Ham Radio, 2 way, ect. . Ground scew on side for easy grounding. Pro Trucker CB Radio Antenna Grounding Strap for CB Mount. CB& 10m mobileOct 22, 2013  I'm currently in a 2010 ProStar, which I have been told does not have the best grounding. I want to get a better radio, but want to make sure the antenna system is okay first. I do have a SWR meter, and can tune in the factory antenna fine. But I wanted to put a better antenna on and run better cable, but can't get the SWR close at all with mobile cb radio antenna grounding

Jan 16, 1999 Your antenna is already grounded to the radio and the power ground via the shield of the coax. The nut that you screw on at the back of the radio and

mobile cb radio

Pro Trucker CB Radio Antenna Grounding Strap for CB Mount. by Pro Trucker. 12. 88 12 88 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. HV7A Mobile antenna For those that haven't read my recent posts, a little background on the way I've mounted my antenna: I just installed a mobile CB radio in my Jeep Cherokee by bolting a small metal plate about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide to the underside of the cb radio antenna grounding How to Ground a CB Antenna Mount. If your antenna mount is one that is designed to accept a coaxial plug (such as the 2 ended PL259) or a PL259 with a fire ring on the other end (such as the FireStik MU8R Single Antenna CB Coax) then your work is easy.

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