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Jul 26, 2017  Follow all these steps and watch full video 1 Play one battle INJUSTICE 2. 16 Update Power Credits Glitch! ! (GET Unlimited Coins Injustice iOSSep 27, 2017 Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Battle 56 In this Injustice Gods Among Us Buying 20 MILLION CreditsCoins NEW Challenge Packs Opening Injustice injustice ios coins per battle

Nov 11, 2014 Battle (Fights per Battle) Total Credits Credits per Fight Credits per Energy All the Bonus Battles give you the most Credits per Fight for each stage. The Battles in bold give you the most Credits per Energy for each stage.

injustice ios coins

Battle 42 is the last regular battle in the game, not counting the star as a regular battle btw. These 3 battle get you 4 grand combined, which isn't really much for 3 boss battles, but I find them really easy and manageable, due to May 09, 2013 The payout remains constant for each fight, although it does increase from Fight 1 to Fight 13 in Battle 36. The total payout will always be 19, 020 coins for Battle 36. It doesn't matter how fast you finish each fight or which characters you used. Here are the total payouts towards the end of the game.injustice ios coins per battle May 30, 2018 So you just started playing this amazing game filled with DC characters that battle each other Our Injustice 2 Hack [iOS Injustice 2 Coins:

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This subreddit is dedicated to the mobile version of DC Comics fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Players, fans and those new to the game can keep up with and share the latest news, exchange information, and share related content with the community. injustice ios coins per battle Tip 1: Farm first page star battle: 5000 per completion. Tip 2: Never have more then one silver card: using a gold and. . , Injustice: Gods Among Us for the iPhone iPad Apr 04, 2013 When you download the iOS game, there will be a Warner Bros. logo, click on this to log in with your WBID, it will bring you to the unlock screen, where it will tell you the various things you can unlock.