Applications of plate jig

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For positioning jig on the machine table feet have to be provided opposite each drilling bush plate. One side of the jig will be provided with a swinging leaf for loading and unloading the work piece, such a jig would take the form of a box.Oct 22, 2008 Lecture 34 Design and Applications of Jigs and Fixtures nptelhrd. Manual Drill Jig Concept Animation in Vacuum Chuck Top Plate Troubleshooting applications of plate jig

Vista Metals cast aluminum plate (ATP5) is also available in metric thicknesses, in as little as 23 weeks leadtime delivered with a minimum order of only 2000 pounds. ATP 5 cast tooling plate applications include, but are not limited to, Computer& Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Machining fixtures, Drill jigs, Index tables, SemiConductor,

applications of plate

Cast Tool& Jig plate (CT& J) is a generic reference for several different types or name brands of CT& J plates. The two brand name CT& J plates Clinton carries are the Vista ATP5 and the Alpase K100S plates, which are both a modified 5083 aluminum alloy. APPLICATIONS. Cast Aluminum Tool& Jig Plate is used for assembly jigs and fixtures, welding fixtures, hydro press form blocks, drill jigs, templates,applications of plate jig Plate jigs Universal jigs Leaf jigs Channel and tumble jigs Indexing jigs Miscellaneous jigs February 12, 2008 Nageswara Rao Posinasetti 30 Template jigs

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What is a Jig? In simple terms, the jig is a tool that guides the cutting (or machining) tool. The most common type of jig is the drill jig, which guides the drill bit for creating holes at desired locations. Using drill jigs increases production rate drastically by eliminating the time spent using a square scriber, height gauge, centre punch, etc. applications of plate jig Product Features NOW one jig works for BLUM, SALICE, GRASS and 99 of ALL hinge plates Distributor of stress relieved& machined finish cast tool& jig plates made from aluminum. Specifications include plus 0. 005 in. thickness tolerance& 14 in. x 3612 in. x 9612 in. to 8 in. x 4812 in. x in. size. Tool& jig plates feature vinyl mask on both sides& surfaces machined to 25 microinches.