Airwatch retire application

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2019-08-21 16:34

retirement. The lifecycle management begins right from purchasing the applications (including public, purchased, and AirWatch App DashboardEnd users must initiate a search and then install the application version. Retire Previous Version. When you upload a new version of an application, using the actions menu and the Add Version option, AirWatch displays the Retire Previous Version check box on the Details tab. Configure the check box depending on the desired outcome. airwatch retire application

I'm building an inhouse app that is distributed via the AirWatch app How to autoupdate apps managed by MDM? It is also possible to retire or inactivate

airwatch retire application

7 Reasons to Use AirWatch for Mobile Device Management Finally, all approved apps can be controlled using the AirWatch Custom App Catalog, AirWatch: Managing Applications Version Date: Sorting and Viewing Application can have a smart group rent a purchased application and then in AirWatchairwatch retire application Manage full device lifecycle from onboarding to retirement of productive day one Unified app catalog for one AirWatch unified endpoint management

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my. workspaceone. com airwatch retire application AirWatch supports application version numbers with three numbers and two Another topic that describes functions of the Retire Previous Version option is Roll version control, retirement, and other management functions. Application Groups See how to group applications into blacklisted, whitelisted, and required applications to AirWatch Device (Add, Remove, Lock, Unlock, Wipe, Send Message, Locate) Use the AirWatch Tasks to retrieve information about AirWatch devices. AirWatch secures and manages mobile apps, content, and devices across leading mobile OS platforms.