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The concept of sustainable development in Malaysia has been influenced by the relationship between environment and economic growth which has significant roleEducation for Sustainable Development In Malaysia (ESD) Education for sustainable development is a multidisciplinary area of knowledge ( Koester, Eflin, application of sustainable development in malaysia

With the arrival of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), comprising 17 environmental, economic, and social objectives, Malaysia has made several official commitments to sustainable development.

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In 2009, Malaysia formulated the New Economic Model (NEM) which further cemented Malaysias commitment to pursue sustainable development based on three pillars, namely high income, inclusivity and sustainability, which mirrors the three elements of the SDG, namely economy, social and environment. Sustainable Development in Malaysia Planning and Initiatives OMIDREZA SAADATIAN1, LIM CHIN HAW1, SOHIF BIN MAT1, KAMAROZZAMAN SOPIAN 1, MASOUD DALMAN2, AND ELIAS SALLEH2application of sustainable development in malaysia 3. 1 TVET and Sustainable Development TVET is an effective education and training system that provide skills training and produce competitive human capital worldwide. As TVET is the major suppliers of workforce for the industries, it plays a significant role in implementing and promoting sustainable development.

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SOCIAL ASPECTS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT in terms of attitudinal change as well as the application of improved The Sixth Malaysia Plan provided application of sustainable development in malaysia 7 Chapter 2: Sustainable Development Initiatives at Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd Panasonic was first established on 29 March 1976 under the name of Matsushita Sustainable construction, which has been dubbed green construction, describes the responsibility of the construction industry in attaining sustainability. The term sustainability has been adopted as a panacea for change and development [4. Sustainable construction is a process whereby, over time, sustainability is achieved. iv Malaysia SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS VOLUNTARy NATIONAL REVIEW 2017 Malaysia started its journey towards sustainable development in the 1970s, when the New Economic