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2019-08-21 16:56

Really, any windows phone. If you have a windows as a main device, OneDrive supports music now. If you don't have one, try it out. Windows ten is a real game changer.How to turn an old Android or iOS smartphone or tablet into a portable media player for streaming music andor video to headphones, speakers, or TVs. turn windows phone into mp3 player

Prepare Your MP3 Player. When you turn your Android phone into an MP3 player there are a few things to think about before completing the process. Here are some tips to get started: Tip 1. Use our guide on how to turn your Android phone into a WiFionly device. This allows you to tap into your WiFi at home for bringing up radio apps and streaming

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Aug 14, 2012 I have a couple old Android phones laying around, DX, Droid, Citrus, and a G1 and I was hoping to turn one into a dedicated music player. The reason I want to do this, is because I travel and don't like using my phone as my music player. How to turn that old smart phone into a really nice MP3 player. 1) The assumption is that you are using an old phone that no longer has service. So turn off any services that may run in the background that arent needed for this device to be a media player:turn windows phone into mp3 player Need to use your Windows Phone in the car? Windows Phone 8 offers various tools that can be used to assist and entertain you while driving, including maps, dashcams, and car mode interfaces. Turn Your Windows Phone Into A Carputer With These Apps. Up to six frequently called contacts can be added, while the Music screen is a basic MP3

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A great way to obtain an excellent MP3 player is to repurpose an old smart phone. I bought an LG 800 (new in box) off eBay for 10 with free shipping. Just dont activate it (unless you need a phone, that is). turn windows phone into mp3 player Instead of tossing it or selling it for mere pennies, here's an idea for breathing new life into an idle handset: turn it into a standalone media player. As a media player, the latest cuttingedge specs won't matter (as much), making an Feb 25, 2012 Depending on the phone and how much effort the manufacturer decided into putting into software development for the nonphone capabilities it may be pretty decent software or just a plain music player like a cheap standalone MP3 player. I especially enjoyed my Nokia 5230. Jul 27, 2012 Turn your old smartphone into a great media player. There are plenty of options for recycling your old smartphone when you upgrade, but it's easy to hang onto it and turn it into a terrific portable media player.